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What is included

Filled with amazing features that will get you press immediately.

3000+ Tech Journalists

An updated lists of journalists within the tech space. From major news media sites to smaller app review sites.

Growth Hacks

The Growth Hacks  are for entrepreneurs, founders, growth leads, or anyone else who is trying to grow a startup. If acquiring new customers (and retaining existing ones) is important to your business then you should know of these tips. If customers matter to you, then growth hacking should matter to you.

Product Launch Tools

Sites and services to get the product launched and recognized to a broader audience so PR and Press becomes easier.

App Review Sites

Many sites for adding both iOS and Android apps for review. Get higher rating and more PR after review sites have reviewed the app.

Facebook Groups

Many good facebook groups to post either new or existing Tech StartUp or product.

Growth Hacking Tools

Many growth tools and services are needed in order to build and create a good brand. Both analytics but also concrete services are available in the resource package.

Solves the pain of getting press and user acquisition for tech StartUps

Get access to all the resources.

Get featured on the top media sites

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Tech Journalists

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Submit sites

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App review sites

The best resources to get noticed in the tech world

It does not matter if you have a B2B, SAAS, Mobile app or something other. Customers have been using this resource in all industries within the tech world.

The one PR and Press resource all Tech StartUps should have

Used by Tech StartUps from over 40 countries including USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Italy and more.

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3000+ Tech Journalists Emails
with info about name, company, position, twitter, category and language


200+ Launch Product and Submit Product sites
Growth Hacking Tools
Ready to implement Growth Hacks
Facebook Groups to post product
Mobile App Review Sites
Guest posts sites

For all new tech products, services or apps

Save time, money and resources when launching

Packed with many submit sites and tools for new tech products. This is the most collected package of resources where to submit or post a new product and in that way get noticed.

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